Golden Glow Facial Serum


Give your skin a gorgeous golden glow with Good Flower Farm's best-selling facial serum formula. This beauty is a superfood tonic for your face. The highest quality organic oils chosen for their powerful contributions to the skin make this serum incomparable to its big box store counterparts. Some of the finest ingredients and essential oils known for their skincare benefits make an appearance in our mindfully-crafted facial serum. 

Beneficial for all skin types, this nourishing serum won't make your face oily; but rather, it assists in regulating your skin's natural oils and balancing skin tone to bring your natural beauty forward. It provides penetrating moisture that is easily absorbed by skin, and will also help reduce discoloration, smooth skin, minimize appearance of fine lines, and repair other imperfections.

LAVENDER is naturally rich in anti - inflammatory properties, helping to soothe and smooth skin and reduce discoloration. Its anti bacterial nature can reduce bacteria that leads to blemishes and other skin issues.

ROSEHIP is a cold-pressed plant-based oil that comes from the fruit of the rose plant. It is incredibly rich in vitamin C and assists in brightening & evening skin tone. It can help with skin regeneration, collagen production, skin elasticity, and the reduction of scars. It is also moisturizing while being quite light & non-greasy.

SEA BUCKTHORN is a cold-pressed oil also derived from the fruit of a plant: the sea buckthorn (also known as seaberry), packed with up to 12x the vitamin C content of an orange. It boasts nearly 200 nutrients & phytonutrients and is rich in anti oxidants, including more vitamin E than any known plant-based oil. It provides quick-absorbing moisture and is great for all skin types.

FRANKINCENSE has been called "liquid gold" for the face. It can help tighten, tone, and reduce wrinkles. As an astringent, it also aids in minimizing the appearance of pores. 

 Comes in a 1 or 2 oz frosted amber glass bottle w/ black treatment pump.

Ingredients: *Extra virgin olive oil infused with *lavender, *rosehip seed oil, *sea buckthorn berry oil, *frankincense essential oil, *geranium essential oil, blue chamomile essential oil, rose absolute, vitamin E oil
*organic ingredient

Suggested Use: Dispense 1-2 pumps of serum into hand. Work into skin, applying liberally to face, under eyes, and neck. Use morning or evening.